Historical information

Part of a collection for Thomas Henry Anderson VX 34767

Physical description

Consummers copy of rationing certificate for tabacco to Ex-Service personnel

Inscriptions & markings

Consumer's Copy/ National Security (Tabacco Rationing) Regulations 1942/ Specil Tabacco Ration for Ex-Service personnel/ Surname Anderson Christian Names: Thomas Henry/ Address: P.O. Red Cliffs/ Male or Female/ Service Number: VX 34767/ Identity Card No/ R(unreadable) No./ Monthly Quota Selected- Cigarettes... 8oz Tabacco/ see details on other side/Nominated Retailer x Stracos..(Unreadable)..P/L/ John..L (unreadable) & Co/ (to be filled in bt retailer)/ Quota to operate on and from ....../
National Security (Tabacco Rationing) Regulations 1942/ I declare that I am a genuine smoker, that all supplies to be/ drawn as above are for my own personal use/ and that I have no other source of supply./ ...... signature of Applicant/ c.812/9.45-c.5491/ Authorized by (faded Signature)/ Chairman, Tabacco Distribution Committee/ Place Melle Ror Date: 20 Feb 1946 (More details on back of sheet but it is glused to a board)