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Paper Ticket - Leave Pass Ticket WW11

From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

A large paper ticket - Leave Pass belonging to A.J. Roddy, showing details of recipient and issuing officer.
15cm W x 6cm H
Object Registration
of, australian, military, ww11, forces, leave, pass, absence
Historical information
This Leave Pass ticket is part of the A.J. Roddy Collection.
When Made
7/9/1945 (exact)
Made By
Australian Military Forces (Maker)
Inscriptions & Markings
Across the top of the ticket are numbers 1-31 in boxes that could be punched or marked./ Printed on the ticket, Left hand side: AAF A96/Revised/April 1943. In the centre beside this is: Australian/ Military Forces. On the right side in big Print: LEAVE PASS B8578067
Below all of this: LEAVE OF ABSENCE (with permission to proceed to below)MENTIONED/ DESTINATION HAS BEEN GRANTED TO:-/ ARMY NO. RANK NAME FROM TO/ Hand written under above headings; VX8007 Pvt. Roddy AJ, 1600hrs (& Under this) 7/9/45. Under To: 0700hrs Under this; 8/9/45/ Destination Unit Stamp/ Stamp (Metro Area)/Signature & Rank (indecipherable) PLACE.....
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:08AM