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From the Collection of The Cyril Kett Optometry Museum Australian College of Optometry Corner Keppel & Cardigan Streets Carlton Victoria

Cased Liebreich ophthalmoscope with 5 small coccius glass lenses and 2 glass condensing lenses. Non-illuminated ophthalmoscope has concave mirror in round head with central sight hole.Hinged coccius clip attached to hold lenses. Black metal head, silver coloured mount and black turned timber handle. Case has black leather outer lining and purple velvet and satin inner linings. Case hinged with snap closure.

case: 13.9cmW 2.2cmH 6.1cmD
Object Registration
ophthalmoscope, optometry, ophthalmology, liebreich, coccius, lenses, eye examination, fundus, funduscopy, non illuminated, instrument, eye doctor, liebreich ophthalmoscope
Historical information
Richard Liebreich of Germany invented his design of ophthalmoscope in 1855. This example is complete in its case with Coccius lenses and condensing lenses. Early ophthalmoscopes required an external source of illumination, eg lamp or candle, and light was reflected into the eye to be examined by the mirror on the ophthalmoscope. A condensing lens was held in front of the patient to view the image. A Coccius lens could be clipped in to the holder to counter ametropia of user or subject.
When Made
1865 (estimated); late 19th century
Made By
unknown (Maker)
This Liebreich ophthalmoscope is significant for the collection as it is the only complete example of the three held in the collection.
Inscriptions & Markings
4 of 5 Coccius lenses engraved with powers: "8-", "12-", "-01", "+01"
Last updated
3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM