Historical information

Maufactured for State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) fire brigade at Yallourn township serving the nearby open cut brown coal mine, briquette manufacturing plant and electricity generating station.
Donated to FSMV 19??, on closure of Yallourn Fire Brigade preparatory to closure of township to allow extension of open cut mine over township site.


Unique only fire engine of design ever made.

Physical description

Pumper fire engine
State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) Fire Brigade, Yallourn, Vic
Front mounted pump, ?, ? lpm [ ? gpm]
Seat for 4 crew open cross mounted behind cab
Ladder, ? m [ ? feet]
Water tank ? l [ ? gall]
Hose reel ? m [ ? feet]

Current vehicle registration - CH6281

Inscriptions & markings

SEC logo on both doors
Y F B on compartment door on both sides of body