Historical information

In 1860 Smeaton residents appealed for funds to establish a school. Patrick Curtain, and his co-workers raised more than £150 plus a land grant (Allot A, Sect 2, Township of Smeaton). Head Teacher John Forbes, with assistant Zillah North, opened a timber school building which measured 36ftx18ft (11.0x5.5m) on 1 September 1861 with 44 children. Rising enrolment to 65 in 1868 made building alterations necessary. During 1870-1 a residence of four rooms was supplied and in October 1882 a 20ftx18ft (6.1x5.5m) classroom. In 1907 a new brick building accommodated 122 children. Among notable ex-pupils are Major-General Bridgeford, Frank Wright ( Musical Director of the London County Council), Alex Wright, (AKA singer Andre Navarre), and Les Brooks. (Visions and Realisations)

Physical description

Sepia photograph showing 4 people sitting in a 1914 Ford Model T Touring Car outside The Wright Familys' "Laura Villa" property at Smeaton.
Left hand back seat - Mrs W. Wright, Mrs Kelso
Front seat: F.L.Redman (driving), W. Wright

Inscriptions & markings

Taken at "Laura Villa" Smeaton by Harold Hausen