Physical description

Hardcovered book, half leather bound with marbled paper. Formerly book number 4040 from the Ballaarat East Public Library. Contents include: new pit-saw, self-moving carriage (car), Lord Worcestor's steam engine, extinction of fires, Cameron's Soda Water Apparatus, Newton's Lectures on Astronomy, coining at the Royal Mint, mechanical geometry, lifting ships by steam, voltaic-mechanic agent, steam navigation, portable hand-mill, Brown's pneumatic engine, Bell's invention for saving lives from shipwreck, triple pump, cycloidal chuck, potato-washer, sand clock, Galvanic electricity, perpetual motion, Hadley's Quadrent, Wollaston's Night-Bolt, rope bridges, boring machinery, locomotive steam-engines, new London Bridge, naval architecture, steam and water wheel, Spencer's Patent Forge, boat with wings, ivory profile portraits, Jenning's Gas burner, Ramage's Telescope, washing machine, tallow lamp, iron masts, self regulating pendulum, prismatic compass, simple blowpipe.

Includes image of Henry Brougham, and many drawings of inventions.

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Inscriptions & markings

Green book plate: Ballaarat east Public Library No. 4040.

The spine as the Legislative Council of Victoria embossed into the leather.