Historical information

The booklet comprises of a series of papers published in the Ballarat Star, with some revisions. The Administrative Council hoped the publication would increase interest in Technical Education, especially the Art of Mining. He would also hope the public would recognise the Ballarat School of Mines as an institution adapted to supply technical education.

The Ballarat School of Mines Council listed at the front of the book includes: Redmond Barry (President and Trustee), Judge Rogers (Vice-President), Somerville Livingstone Learmonth (Trustee), Rivett Henry Bland (Trustee), Charles Gavan Duffy, John A. MacPherson (MLA), William McLellan (MLA), Duncan Gillies (MLA), F. McCoy (University of Melbourne), John I. Bleasdale, W.H. Barnard, James M. Bickett, Henry Richards Caselli, P. Chauncy, J.M. Davey, Joseph Flude, R.F. Hudson, Robert Lewis, James Oddie, Robert M. Serjeant, J. F. Usher, John Walker, J. Williamson, Mayor of the City of Ballaarat, chairman (for the time being) of each of the seven Mining Boards of Victoria. The President of Examiners was Judge Rogers, and the Honorary Auditor was Richard Ford.

Physical description

Stapled, brown soft covered booklet of 48 pages.
Section I outlines the establishment of the Ballarat School of Mines, the buildings and land used by the school, describes in detail the former Ballarat Circuit Court and describes the lecture rooms.

Section II describes the Ballarat School of Mines Museum, including a description of exhibits.

Section III describes the lecture hall, and the apartments on either side of the hall, including the office of the registrar W.H. Barnard, mathematical classroom, chemical laboratory, and metallurgical laboratory.

Section IV outlines the subjects offered by the Ballarat School of Mines, including Mathematics taught by John Victor of Grenville College, who had been educated at Trinity College Dublin. Mining and Land Surveying was taught by C.W. Thomas. Mr Croll taught mechanical drawing, followed by Jonathan Robinson of the Union Foundry, and finally S. Keast. It then lists some text books used in the school.

Section V mentions the School Council, lack of funds, future directions, mining laboratory.

Vi- Describes the land and out buildings, and the proposed building for metal and wood turning, brass foundry, blacksmith, working engine, etc. This section describes some large donations to the school - 50 pounds from the Misses Meglin of Melbourne, 10 pounds 10 shillings to the 'Pyrites fund' by the Walhalla and Long Tunnel Companies in Gippsland.

Section VII covers the teaching of chemistry by Joseph Flude.

Section VIII outlines the metallurgy classes and the process of assaying.

Section IX covers telegraphy taught by Mr Bechervaise

Section X describes the examination process at the Ballarat School of Mines. Examiners in mathematics were G.J. Russell (Buninyong) and John Lynch (Smythesdale), mining and land surveying John Lynch and P.C. Fitzpatrick (Ballarat), Principles and Practice of Mining R.M. Serjeant (Band and Albion Consols), Mechanical Engineering John Lewis (New North Company Clunes, Mineralogy and Geology G.H. F. Ulrich, Assayign and Chemistry J. Cosmo Newberry, and Telegraphy R.L.J. Ellery (government astronomer) and Sam W. Macgowan. Underground managers and captains in quart mining was examined by Henry Rosales (Walhalla Company), and alluvial mines by Messrs Bockett, Kent, Martin and Mitchell. Engineers and Engine driving was examined by W.H. Keast,Peter Matthews, Jonathan Robinson and J.M. Troup.

Section XI - Covers Annual reports of the school, and honorary correspondents of the school including: John Day (Geelong); R. Evan Day (London); W.W. Evans, M.J.C.E. of New York; J.Y. Fishburne, M.B. of Ararat; Felice Giordano, Inspector of Mines, Italy; Julius Von Haast, Ph. D.F.R.S., Government Geologist of Canterbury; James Hector, M.D., F.R.S., Government Geologist of Wellington, New Zealand, W.F. Hopkins (Grant); Charles A. La Trobe, C.E. (Engineer-in-Chief International Railway Plant, London); Archibald Liversidge, F.G.S. (Professor of Mineralogy and Reader in geology at Sydney University; J.J. Macgregor, M.D. (Creswick); J.T. McKenna (1st class of SMB underground management - Northern Territory); Henry Rosales, M.E. and M. (Walhalla); Harrie Wood (SMB founder and Under-secretary for Mines, Sydney); John Walthew (Stockport, England)

Inscriptions & markings

.2) Signed 'E.J. Tippett', former President of the Ballarat School of Mines Council