Historical information

July 2010 annual luncheon of 25 Year Member Association of Yacht Squadron, organised by Past Commodore, Harry Leggett.
Old used Squadron Burgee signed by many present including longest serving member at time, Bill O'Day (1939) and Bert Ferris (1943).
Also signed by Commodore of the day Stuart Tait and several past Commodores.
Image record of this event on hand and also of 2009 luncheon.
Similar signed burgee on hand of Committee January 1998.


Unique for signatures of attendees at event.

Physical description

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron burgee in fabric of size flown above club house and with tail frayed away from use.
Triangular flag red background with white cross set vertically. Seven pointed star set in top left quadrant. Crown in centre.
Signed by members attending the 2010 25 Year members luncheon.
Dated 2.7.2001 but actually 2010.

Inscriptions & markings

The burgee is marked 25 year-member-association and signed by numerous people. "Bill-O'Day, Graham-Burton, Leslie-Norton, Michael-Morse, Janice-Kesterton, Jim-Holroyd, Lynette Holroyd, Ian-Ewing, Margaret-Ewing, A.W.-Ross, David-Allen, Ted-Montford, Brian-McDermott, Alan-Saunders, Ivor-Forsyth-Grant, John-Hooper, Ken-Simpson, Heather-Simpson, Russell-Nathan, Andrew-Kopp, Steve-Morrison, Stephen-Hawes, Harry-Russell, Leo-Perini, Ross-Morton, Ken-Dowdney, Nolene-Muller-Crosier, Harry-Leggett, Harry-Leggett, Murray-McCutcheon, Frances-Robertson, Jeff-mad-dog-Crozier, Dennis-Livingston, Stuart-Tait, Stephen-Aggro-Collis, Les Clough, Ross-Flood, Monica-Nurminen, Douglas-Faram, Michael-Sutton, Bill-Maude, Peter-Chapman, Mel-Mollison".