Historical information

This bell originally adorned the cabin of the 12.6m yacht “Ranee”, built for a Doctor Craig of Sydney by the famous Logan Bros of Auckland New Zealand, she was launched as Heather in 1900. A subsequent owner renamed her “Ranee”.

Her name reverted to “Heather” prior to being purchased, September 1919, by club members Joe White and David Cargill. Joe White purchased her outright in season 1920-21.

He then presented the bell to the club to summon members attention to announcements in the club bar where it remains today and is used for the same purpose.

It was also rung to draw attention to impending bar closing times, when it was rung 5 mins before closing, then at closing.

Ironically Joe White, when applying for a Admiralty Warrant for Heather in 1924, found out she had previously been registered under the name of Ranee, and the only way to carry on that Warrant, was for him to change her name back to Ranee mid-way during the season.

J.H. (Bert) Ferris


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Physical description

Ships bell, brass, mounted on brass bracket,

Inscriptions & markings

Ranee 1903