Historical information

This cake stand was hand turned from osage orange wood. The wood was sourced from a grove of osage orange trees in the Fisken/Taverner Street area. This grove was planted by Mr A C Simon, an orchardist, who brought the seeds from North America in the 1860's to create a protective hedge for his plants The wood from these plants produces a beautiful toned affect of dark brown and yellow/orange when turned and polished.


The significance of this cake stand is that it has been carved from the osage orange which grows well in Bacchus Marsh although originated in America. Mr Simon made many items from this wood.
This gives it local significance.

Physical description

This polished wooden stand would have been used for cake to be displayed It consists of a round 'plate' of wood as the top, with a fine narrow turned wood pedestal and a round base. The stand is made of osage orange giving it the unique tones of dark brown and orange wood.