Historical information

This item type was used during the First World War throughout Europe. This item is an artillery siege lamp. It was used by artillery units. The lamps were powered by a single candle, the light being magnified by a lens. A shutter closes over the lens to give an illuminated vertical line. They were used originally in fortified siege artillery posititions as a general purpose lamp. They were also used as aiming lamps when they were placed in front of artillery posititions and used as a guide in aiming at night.
Further research has suggested that this item may have been attached to bicycles for illuminating the way in the blackout.


This item is considered rare and important. It is historically and technically siginficant at a national level.

Physical description

Painted black metal(tin) candle power, hand held or placed on flat area, open base so candle can be inserted and 'screwed' in, side door for lighting, fron magnifying glass, metal lens cover with vertical slit. There is considerable damage to the black paint in the external regions of the lamp.