Historical information

During the 1914-1918 war these souvenirs were sent by a soldier to his sweetheart, his fiancee. The handkerchiefs are made of pure silk. Sadly the soldier was killed on the battlefield and did not return home. His fiancee remained true to his love for the rest ofher life, laughing away the proposals of any other admirers. Her name was Ada. She is 97 years of age and now lives in Tasmania and was once a friend of Beannie Cummins (dec) of Alexandra.

Physical description

White silk handkerchief with a 1.5 cm drawn thread hem. In one corner is embroidered Souvenir de France in brown colour. The rest of the embroidery include two flagpoles, one with France's flag, one with a British flag. There is a red rose of France at the bottom of the flagpole scattered green leaves throughtout the embroidery. The embroidery takes up a quarter of the whole hankerchief.

Inscriptions & markings

"Souvenir de France" embroidered corner