Historical information

This sash is approx 110 years old and was presented to Simon Whitford Campbell on completing accreditation to enter the Ancient Order of Foresters Organisation. Donated by decendants of his family.


The Ancient Order of Foresters sash is only one of a handful left in existance from the local Walhalla order and is at least 110 years old who was born and lived in Walhalla

Physical description

Lime green taffeta sash with red tassles hand stiched on. Top half of sash has PCR embroildered on it in Gold. Brown Elk head in a gold crown with 2 arrows with blue tips and a brown horn. Underneath is the Coat of Arms

Inscriptions & markings

Top end of sash letters "P.C.R"/under the Coat of arms"UNITY, BENEVOLENT & CONCORD" below this is "ANCIENT ORDER of FORESTERS" all embroidered