Walhalla Museum is comprised of two areas, the fire station museum and the Walhalla museum.

The fire station museum houses a collection of firefighting equipment and photographic displays on the fires that have hit Walhalla including information on how the fires started.

The Walhalla Museum has no entry fee however any donations placed in the donations box will help cover the upkeep of the museum.

The museum houses a number of artifacts recovered from historical sites around the town as well as donated item. It includes items from the Walhalla Brass Band, The Shoe Maker, a collection of early irons, School stationary from 1870's to middle 1900's, Chinese artifacts and of course a photographic display of this unique and beautiful towns rich history.

So come and visit this unique and beautiful town,

You never know what you might uncover.

Please email me any questions you may have about items featured in our collection.