Historical information

This set of magazines is a vital tool for those researching the early days and later development of ATCV and CVA.

It was modelled loosely on the magazine "Conserver" of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV). Issues become more sophisticated in format over time and each includes news, project reports, lists of upcoming projects, and stories.

The editor for 62 issues was Mr Alf Bailey (staff 1987-current (2010)who edited the Conservator from Mar 1987 to mid-2006.Alf was a former high school principal and set a high standard.

Since 2006 a more compact and economical newsletter "Conservation Volunteer" has been mailed to CVA and CVNZ members and is also downloadable from the CVA website.


This set of magazines is significant because it is the most comprehensive record of all aspects of the establishment, growth, expansion, and nature of ATCV/CVA and its activities. It reveals the change from a local charity to a nation-wide corporate structure engaging thousands of volunteers tackling hundreds of projects a year in Australia and New Zealand in the present day.

Physical description

This was the final issue of a magazine produced by ATCV/CVA from 1982-2006 (c. 90 issues). This issue was a high quality, profusely illustrated colour magazine, representing a quantum leap in professionalism from the earliest photocopied editions.