Historical information

Annually since 2006 the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs has invited CVA to arrange a group of volunteers from Australia and New Zealand to travel to Gallipoli as part of the management of the Anzac Day Remembrance event.

Announcing the 2011 visit the Commonwealth Minister, Warren Snowdon, said the contribution of volunteers on the ground at Gallipoli is highly valued. “Volunteers are very dedicated. They fund their way there and assist with a range of activities, including site preparation, crowd liaison and the distribution of visitor information packs,” he said.

Volunteers appreciate this opportunity to both attend a place significant to many Australians and also to make a contribution to the safe and harmonious running of it.

“I would like to thank CVA for the privileged of being involved in the Gallipoli program and would highly recommend it.”
Volunteer Jennie, Newcastle NSW

Since 2006 CVA group assisted at the ANZAC Day dawn service and at other remembrance

The original idea was Garry Snowden's. Garry has a personal interest in WW1. On his second private trip to Gallipoli he noted there was too much litter around the commemorative sites and he had the idea of involving volunteers to play a role in providing a clean environment for visitors. The idea was raised with the Federal Govt
(how was this done?). In 2005 there was bad publicity regarding behaviour of visitors and the amount of litter left and the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) reviewed its management strategy for the event. As an integral part of the strategy CVA was engaged to recruit a group of volunteers who would attend at their own cost, assist the clean up the environs of the main sites prior to Anzac Day while doing orientation and personal sightseeing, and welcome visitors and give them an information pack including a litter bag (see photographs attached.

The volunteers do NOT clean up afterwards: that is rightly the work of Turkish contractors.


Gallipoli is an iconic site for many Australians and New Zealanders and CVA provides this magnificent opportunity for volunteers to contribute effectively.

Physical description

This is a visitor welcome pack distributed by CVA volunteers to visitors prior to the Anzac Dawn service and other commemorations. It contains three publications, a poncho in the evcent of rain, a rubbish bag and a pin.

Inscriptions & markings

Gallipoli, Gelibolu 2007