Historical information

These type of gaiters were used by soldiers who would have been attached to the Light Horse Regiments. No other men other than soldiers in the Light Horse Regiments wore these gaiters as they were part of their uniform and added protection of their lower legs when riding their horses. All levels for AIF people wore these gaiter from Privates to Officers. There seems to be several types of gaiters which were lace ups or had straps over the outside of the gaiters or some were just done up with the buckles at the top. It is unknown it the ones we have would have had straps on the outside or if this was a choice of the wearer. Towards the end of WWI many of the light horse regiments combined with each other as their numbers became less and eventually with the advancement of military weapons the use of horses in war battles become less and were not needed in consequent world wars.


These gaiters are historical significant to world war one and the light horse regiments especially the 4th and 13th Regiments. Men from the the Kiewa Valley went off to war and fought with the these regiments. Henry Higginson fought with both the 4th and 13th LHR in France. Sydney Stewart fought with the 4th LHR in France and was killed in France aged 20 years of age. A few of the young men that left from Tawonga in the Kiewa Valley went into the Light Horse Regiments as they were farmers that had experience with horse. Even though the AIF said they just did not automatically put country men into the LHR . Despite not having provenance of these gaiters the fact that men from Tawonga were in the light horse regiments, and only men from the LHR wore these gaiters it would be safe to say they would have been from some one in the local area that fought in WWI who owned these. Therefore they are representative of gaiters from the LHR and have excellent interpretive capacity as KVHS have a photo of Henry Higginson wearing his uniform which clearly shows his gaiters similar to these ones.

Physical description

One pair of brown leather gaiters with buckle at top. Seam at ankel. Left gaiter has strap missing