Historical information

The butter stamp rolling pin was used in The Orbost Butter factory.It was rolled across the butter in a wooden box, lined with a wax paper.Bicarbonate of soda was added to the butter to stop it from going rank.The first shipment in about 1893 to England went rank and was only good for axle grease on wagons and carts.The milk was brought to the factory by horse and dray.Most people would take the whey home for their pigs,which were abundant on the farms in the Orbost district.


The Orbost Butter and Produce Co. Ltd was registered on June 1st 1893 and was an important source of income to the Orbost district.

Physical description

Large, hand carved, round wooden roller with handle at each end. There is a central carved word, with a pattern of raised squares either side of the carved word and an uncarved area at either end of the roller. The stamp rests on a wooden plinth.

Inscriptions & markings

"AUSTRALIA" carved in reverse around the width.