Historical information

This 11 inch (28) Railway Gun was captured by the AIF in front of Harbonnieres near Villers Bretonneaux on the 8th of August 1918. It was one of the Guns used by the Germans to shell Amiens from a distance of 15 miles (24km) in an endeavor to destroy the railway centre in the city.
However the destruction of the city was prevented by the advance of Allied Troops on the morning of 8th August when 5 Australian, 4 Canadian, 4 British and 9 French Divisions broke the German Front before Amiens./ The Barrel of the Great Gun, 41 feet (12,5m) long and weighing more than 45tons (45-80 tonnes), is exhibited at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. More information can be found at www.Wikipedia/The Amiens Gun

Physical description

Two copied photos of the Amiens Gun (seperate Frames) and a history of the Amiens Gun in seperate frame.

Inscriptions & markings

None on Photos, the history frame has a short history and "Presented by the Canberra Services Club 2003"