Historical information

There is no information with this collage other than what is on the photos, it is unknown who put it together, who owned it, or who donated it.

Physical description

An old black wooden frame containing 12 WW1 photos which have been beautifully displayed in the frame, surrounded by hand made wooden lattice and leaves decor. Typed on the bottom of each photo is a description of the photo.

Inscriptions & markings

Top Left to right. ( .1) British Infantry practicing an attack.
(.2) Australians parading for the Trenches.
(.3) 'Tommy' at home in German duggouts.
Next Rowe Left to Right. (.4) London Scottish going to their trenches. (.5) Happy 'Tommys' wearing Hun Helmets. (.6) A galant Rescue under fire - This man saved 20 lives like this.
Next rowe down, Left to right: (.7) Firing a heavy Howitzer in France. (.8) Loyal North Lancs Regiment cheering when ordered to the trenches.
(.9) Thirsty German prisoners in their barbed wire cage. Bottom rowe Left to right (.10) Highlanders Pipe themselves back from the trenches. (.11) Decorating a Canandian on the Field of Battle. (.12) A 'Fag' after a fight.