Historical information

Shows a bluestone house surrounded by lush, well-developed garden. House is in good order with 4 chimneys, a porch and water-tank. To the left, partially obscured by the shrubbery stands the bearded Rev.Wagg with hat. To the right is a girl around ?10 years old, with parasol and hat in her hands.


This was Mortlakes' Anglican Vicarage from c. 1886 to c.1916 when present one was built next to St.James church in Shaw Street. House stood in Sagnol's paddock (Waggs Lane) until 1950's when it was demolished reportedly by a group of boys using dynamite!) Rev. Wagg was a long-serving and well-regarded Anglican minister who served Mortlake from 1886 to1916. Wagg's Lane takes its name from his former residency there. A new Vicarage was built c.1916 next to the church. The old vicarage was reduced to rubble reputedly by boys using gelignite in the 1950's; the remains can be seen in the paddock on Wagg's Lane.

Physical description

Sepia rectangular photograph on cardboard backing

Inscriptions & markings

Written on the back: The Vicarage Mortlake