Historical information

Japanese Commanders crossing a pontoon bridge under guard by Australian soldier on the way to the official surrender of Japanese forces in Balikpapan in (Dutch East Indies) Indonesia 1945.
This was a major event in the ending of World War 2.
Following the japanese surrender the Local population began it push for independance.

Physical description

Framed photograph (copy) of Japanese Commanders surrendering at Balikpapan. Black frame and glass covered.
The Japanese Command staff with a Japanese general and aid-d-camp (Captian)carring his breif case along with other staff members.
In the background here are 2 American PT boats with American naval personal .Note American flag flying in the top left corner.
There are several American landing craft next to a Japanese landing barge.
The Japanese landing bardge has the required surrender markings which is a green square with a white cross on top right of photo.
The Australian soldier following the Japanese soldiers is wearing slouch hat and gungle green uniform.
Along the docks are native workers.

Inscriptions & markings

Paper discription on lower photograph with details of item description, where photo obtained from and donated by.