Historical information

The photograph on the front of the postcard depicts a game of billiards being played in the Billiard Room of the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne. The Flinders Street extension building opened for use in 1917 after relocating from Australia Wharf.

The billiard pool was likely made by the Alcock company.


The scene on the postcard shows the typical use of the Billiard Room at the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne as well as what is presumably the original layout of the room and gives an insight into men's fashion of the time.

Physical description

Sepia toned postcard with photograph of a man in shirt sleeves taking a shot on the billiard table with a second man standing to the left and rear wearing a hat and watching the shot. There are two seated men to the right of the photograph. The man on the left is wearing a suit including hat, the man on the right is wearing a cap and sitting with his arms crossed. There are three pendant lights above the billiard table and bench seating in front of the window.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed on the bottom of the front of the postcard: "IN THE BILLIARD ROOM. SEAMEN'S MISSION. MELBOURNE, VICTORIA. REAL PHOTO SERIES M.826"
Printer's logo on rear of postcard:
Printed sideways on left hand rear of postcard: "Published by the Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. Ltd/Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane"
Printed in right hand corner rear of postcard: