Historical information

This collection of photos depicts Councilor Charles Edward "Ted" Brown, and Councilors W.Powell(J.P.),W.A.Walton (J.P.),D.I.White,E.Edwards,(J.P.),H.A.Patterson,A.McDonald,Mr K.S. Lane, (Shire secretary),A.C.Martin,A.Doug.Moverly,Mr. Rex Hollioake,(Shire Engineer),W.MacG.Troup,(J.P.)T.W.Ford, D.Baird.It was presented to the Ballarat Shire Council by Councilor C.E.Brown (J.P.),President 1959-60 (History of these Councilors and staff can be found under catalogue number 014/11 to 014.14 / 11,except for Councilor A.McDonald.)


Original Historic Photo of all Councilors and staff for the year 1959-60

Physical description

Sepia photo of Shire President Charles Edward "Ted", Brown (J.P.), and all councilors and staff,set in a plain brown frame with white mount.

Inscriptions & markings

Presented to the Ballarat Shire Council by Councilor C.E.Brown,(J.P.).President 1959-1960.