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First Train to Portland Freezing Works, 1895

From the Collection of Ararat & District Historical Society (operating the Langi Morgala Museum) 48 Queen Street Ararat Victoria

Black-and-white photo mounted on cardboard. There is an inscription on the photo in white, and also text on the front and back of the photo.
Object Registration
locomotive, train, portland, ararat, portland-freezing-works, engine-driver, freezing-works, railway-siding, 1895
Historical information
This photo of the First Train from Ararat to the Portland Freezing Works in 1895 is one of several similar, or identical, photos in the possession of Langi Morgala Museum. This photo shows two men standing on the footplate.
When Made
The series of photos relating to the First Train from Ararat to the Portland Freezing Works is of local significance, to both Ararat and the Portland district. The photos are not in very good condition, but the information relating to the photo gives it a context, and some of the detail scales up quite well.
Inscriptions & Markings
The white-ink inscription on the front of the photo says: "First Train / Portland Freezing Works / from Ararat. The 2nd inscription on the front, which is inked on to the cardboard backing, and the inscription on the back, give identical information to each other. Inscription in longhand on the back: "1st train ["loading" is struck out] / 1st train of frozen meat / run by Ararat Loco men / Siding at Portland Factory / 1895".
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