Historical information

This photos shows Shire President R.T.White (J.P.) and councilors /staff H.J.Wheeler,J.P.Slattery,(J.P.),S.G.Spittle,M.J.Ryan,(J.P.),D.Baird,(J.P.),J.C.Walton,R.W.Crosthwaite,(J.P.),Mr A Graham,(Pres.Cor.),A.Pickford,W.A.Rain,(Secretary and Engineer, and W. Powell for the Presidential year 1942-43.


Original Historic Photo of all Councilors and Staff for the year 1942-43.

Physical description

Sepia photo in dark brown frame and brown mount,with shaped white mount around central photo of Shire President R.T.White(rectangular),depicts all councilors for the year 1942-43.

Inscriptions & markings

Presented to the Ballarat Shire Council by Couincilor R.T.White,(J.P.).President 1942-1943.