Historical information

This portrait bust, along with that of Redmond Barry, was purchased in May 1884, The library still holds the receipt, but there is very little other information. It was probably a part of the program of outfitting the library interiors.
Justice Fellows (1822-1878) was only a judge of the Supreme Court for six years (1872-1878), he had a long career in colonial politics.
James Scurry (1826-1894) worked in architectural sculpture after migrating from England.


The bust of Justice Fellows is of some interest as part of the original furnishings of the library. The bust is also of interest of as a work of James Scurry, most well known for his architectural sculpture.

Physical description

Plaster bust of Justice Thomas Fellows. The bust itself is painted white in a neo-classical manner. The pedestal has been painted for a marble effect. Fellows' name appears in gold lettering. The bust is larger than life size. The head is finely detailed, with the chest swathed in classical drapery.

Inscriptions & markings

Justice Thomas Fellows in gold lettering on pedestal.