Historical information

One of the jobs of the housewife was to keep her stove-top looking clean and new, and a rich black colour. This was a source of pride amongst house-proud women, and also ensured a more efficient distribution of heat on their stove-tops for cooking. It was however one of the dirtiest jobs in the kitchen, requiring a lot of elbow-grease as well as a good polish paste.


Local. The use of the magpie emblem denotes the emergence of a new nationalism, a pride in being Australian, as distinct from being "British", although Australians continued to see themselves as part of the greater British Empire and subjects of the King.

Physical description

Gold tin with push-in lid, with picture of magpie in black and white on branch.

Inscriptions & markings

On front of tin: "Magpie" in white letters on a red background. "Stove Polish" in white letters on a blue background. 4 oz. Net. when packed. Made in Australia. On bottom of tin: "Grate & Stove Polishing Paste. Made in Australia." Side inscriptions give instructions for use.