Historical information

TRACK OF THE YEARS. The Story of St.Arnaud by Yvonne S Palmer had aroused local interest when this book was presented in 1955.The fortunes of this prosperous community, whose origins go back to the excitement of of the New Bendigo gold-rush, gleaned from an unusual wealth of reminiscences,diaries, letters, newspapers and photograph albums, are now placed permanently on record in this fascinating narrative. Contents: The New Bendigo Goldrush, Pastoral Settlement, The Aborigines of the Eastern Wimmera, A Permanent Goldrush, The Township Surveyed, Councils at Work 1861- 1870, Local Government in the District. 1861-1870.
Sons of the Antipodes, Diggers in Townsmen, Daughters and Wives, Companies and Miners, Mining Settlements, Increasing Needs, Not by Bread Alone, The beginning of Farming, The Changing Countryside, A New St.Arnaud has Come, Deep Sinking and Dividends, Fewer farmers- Larger farms, Pride but not Complacency.

Physical description

Track of The Years by Yvonne S. Palmer.
The Story of St.Arnaud.
Hardcover book, blue cover with black and white photograph on the dustcover.Includes photographs and maps.308 pages, 1st Edition.

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1st Edition Published by Melbourne University Press in 1955. 308 pages.