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The Turncocks Residence, now the Museum. Old Fire Station and Geyer Cottage in Napier Street St.Arnaud are part of the Old Civic Heritage Precinct which is an important legacy of the development between the 1850's and the early 1900's that helped establish St.Arnaud as a prosperous township. The aim of the Historical Society is to continue to foster historical interest and knowledge including natural history, collection and preservation of historical items, compile historical records of the people and district while providing secure storage for historical items and data.

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Napier Street St Arnaud Victoria (map)
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1:00pm to 4:00pm- Wednesday and Friday or by appointment.

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Adults- $2.00


Napier Street St Arnaud Victoria

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Louise 11 April 2012 7:50 PM

i have a cast iron clark & co boiler that was my great grandmothers, do you happen to know a value? i have it sitting in a mart for sale with no price. I live in NZ thanks

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4 items

Book.A Pictorial Journey - St.Arnaud A Pictorial Journey.

St Arnaud and District Historical Society , St Arnaud

Soft cover book St.Arnaud A Pictorial Journey. Compiled by Mrs Jessie Cameron and Mrs Ella Ebery. 88 pages Includes information and numerous black and white photographs relating to St.Arnaud .

Historical information

A collection of photographs, some not previously published, produced not in any kind of complete or historical sequence but as a pictorial journey into the past . Produced by members of the St.Arnaud Historical Society and with the help of those that loaned unseen old photographs. Compiled and researched by Jessie Cameron with compilation assistance and editing of the book by Ella Ebery. Published by the St.Arnaud Bi-centenial Committee First Edition 1988.


This book has been provided for the citizens of St.Arnaud and district as well as the Australian public generally, as a tribute to past pioneers. The contents of this book will remain invaluable for untold years.

Inscriptions & Markings

Published by St.Arnaud Bicentennial Committee.Printed by Creative Rural Printers 16-18 Napier St St.Arnaud 3478. First Edition 1988 Cover design : Napier Street St.Arnaud, 1925 by Leah Berry.

Book. Coonooer Bridge Memorial. - Coonooer Bridge Memorial to those who served their Country in Wartime.

St Arnaud and District Historical Society , St Arnaud

Spiral plastic bound book.Clear perspex cover. Coloured pages.Includes photographs of servicemen, medals and war service information.

Historical information

Following the Great War of 1914-18 the people who lived in the general area around Coonooer Bridge , (18 kms from St.Arnaud ) erected a Monument in honour of those men and women who served their country in a time of war. In 1920 the monument was erected across from the hall, situated in a small pine plantation which was also planted by community members. The names of those that served their country during war time were placed on the monument. After the 2nd World War the names of the local men and women who once again were asked to serve their country were added to the memorial to honour and remember the sacrifice that they made.This book was compiled to honour and enable families and future generations to remember those who served.


This is the only book listing these servicemen that served from the Coonooer Bridge Area.

Inscriptions & Markings

Dedicated to the people of Coonooer Bridge.

Book. A New Bendigo. - A New Bendigo.The Story of Gold and Silver Mines in St.Arnaud

St Arnaud and District Historical Society , St Arnaud

A soft cover book, A New Bendigo The Story of the Gold and Silver Mines of St.Arnaud by Ralph W. Birrell. 257 pages, includes photographs.and map.

Book. Track of the Years - Track Of The Years. The Story of St.Arnaud.By Yvonne S Palmer

St Arnaud and District Historical Society , St Arnaud

Track of The Years by Yvonne S. Palmer. The Story of St.Arnaud. Hardcover book, blue cover with black and white photograph on the dustcover.Includes photographs and maps.308 pages, 1st Edition.

Historical information

TRACK OF THE YEARS. The Story of St.Arnaud by Yvonne S Palmer had aroused local interest when this book was presented in 1955.The fortunes of this prosperous community, whose origins go back to the excitement of of the New Bendigo gold-rush, gleaned from an unusual wealth of reminiscences,diaries, letters, newspapers and photograph albums, are now placed permanently on record in this fascinating narrative. Contents: The New Bendigo Goldrush, Pastoral Settlement, The Aborigines of the Eastern Wimmera, A Permanent Goldrush, The Township Surveyed, Councils at Work 1861- 1870, Local Government in the District. 1861-1870. Sons of the Antipodes, Diggers in Townsmen, Daughters and Wives, Companies and Miners, Mining Settlements, Increasing Needs, Not by Bread Alone, The beginning of Farming, The Changing Countryside, A New St.Arnaud has Come, Deep Sinking and Dividends, Fewer farmers- Larger farms, Pride but not Complacency.

Inscriptions & Markings

1st Edition Published by Melbourne University Press in 1955. 308 pages.