Historical information

To mark the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria reigning as the monarchy for 60 years. She died four years later in 1901. These medals were mass produces by Stokes & Sons of Melbourne, many of the local government bodies had them made.


Marking the 60 years that Queen Victoria was on the throne.

Physical description

A round medal with a young and older faced Queen Victoria on one side. And on the other side is the Shire of Ballarat 's "Coat of Arm". This medal was issued by the Ballarat Shire as did many of the local government bodies

Inscriptions & markings

The two faces of Queen Victoria, one as a young woman, the other later in life with the words, "QUEEN VICTORIA'S 60th YEAR OF REIGN. 1837 TO 1897". On the front. On the back is written "SHIRE OF BALLARAT. E.BUTLER. PRESIDENT". Also there is the Ballarat Shire "Coat of Arms", written underneath is the words "BY THESE WE FLOURISH".