Historical information

This book has been compiled by W H C Darvall, the Honorary Secretary at the Mission,( turn of 19th- 20th C.) A chronological recording of key dates and events in relation to the workings of the Mission to Seafarers (Victorian Seamen's Mission). The book also includes a number of clippings from newspapers or journals and concludes with an invitation to attend a special meeting of the Mission to discuss a proposed amalgamation with the Victorian Branch of the London Missions to Seamen, 15 November 1905. The author Mr Darvall arrived in Australia as a migrant 1853, served as the first Town Clerk of Beechworth 1856-1870. A solicitor in Collins St 1870s onward, he died in 1906.


In diligently recording "matters of interest" to the Mission, Darvall has provided us with a significant point of reference from the establishment of the Victorian Bethel Union, afloat in 1850s through to the proposed amalgamation with the Missions to Seamen finalised in 1906. Many of the events were compiled retrospectively drawing on Annual reports and minutes but many were recorded contemporaneously from the 1890s. The Chronology serves as a means of verifying events through other sources such as minute books, annual reports and so on. It also provides us with the names and functions of people who had significant roles within the Mission from its earliest days in the 1850s through to the amalgamation of 1906.