Historical information

This scrapbook holds numerous newspaper clippings recording events, functions and visits to the Seamen's Mission starting in 1896 through to 1902, although a few documents date from 1895. These dates coincide with the commencement of Mr WHC Darvall's various terms of office with the Mission from the mid 1890s.

Mr Darvall's involvement with the Mission possibly stems from his arrival in Victoria in 1853 part working his passage from England as a purser on the migrant ship Asia. He first encountered Captain Pascoe on arrival at Williamstown who was also on the Mission executive when Darvall returned to Melbourne from Beechworth in 1871.

1898: Death of Captain Crawford Pasco with a photographic portrait.
1899: Small ink sketch by artist Charles Georges Darvall, WHC Darvall's cousin.
1900 Foundation of Geelong mission
1901: Queen Victoria's death (22 January)
Australian Federation (1st January)
Boer War (189-1902)
Death of chaplain Ebenezer James
Nautical exhibition
On the inside of the rear cover of the book a plan of Williamstown has been pasted with no date provided.


This scrapbook outlines the many events, concerts, important visits and social occasions held at and by the Mission during this time frame. It includes the names and activities of many prominent Melburnians (politicians, supporters, artists) and shows the vivacity of the work at the Mission.