Historical information

Metal 'traveller's tickets' were issued at the gate of Mt. Fyans to itinerant workers and travellers passing through the district; they could be redeemed at the homestead for a meal and/or a bed for the night at the station workers' lodgings.


Mt Fyans was a significant pastoral property in the Dundonnel area of the Western District. Originally settled in 1841 by Lachlan Mckinnon, by 1856 the Mt.Fyans portion comprised over 48,000 acres. By 1898 when it was sub-divided on the death of then owner William Cumming, it comprised 9000 acres. Pastoral properties relied heavily on a semi-skilled workforce whose numbers were seasonally varied - hence the need for itinerant labour.

Physical description

Circular metal 'travellers ticket' with hole punched through at the top for hanging/ storage.

Inscriptions & markings