Historical information

The Ozone Hotel was formerly the Grand Ozone Coffee Palace which was erected in 1890 at a cost of around ten thousand pounds. Coffee Palaces were temperance hotels which were popular in the latter part of the 19th century which offered recreation and superior accommodation. The coffee palace operated until 1915 and was then closed before re-opening in 1920 as Hotels Mansions. It had major renovations including a large theatre area. February 23rd 1929 saw the most spectacular fire in Warrnambool's history when the Hotel mansions was burnt to the ground. Evelyn O'Brien was granted a temporary licence and in September 1930 she was given permission to rebuild. The new hotel named Hotel Warrnambool was opened in March 1931.


This item has local significance having come from one of Warrnambool's grandest buildings

Physical description

Side Plate with Hotel Mansions crest in black, with Warrnambool in banner underneath and a black line around rim of plate.
Loftus Moran Pty Ltd Melbouren stamp on back (distributor?)

Inscriptions & markings

Hotel Mansions crest on front of plate, with Warrnambool in banner underneath.