Historical information

David Fletcher Jones (1895-1977) was a travelling hawker who opened a business in Liebig Street, Warrnambool in 1924. In 1931 he opened The Man's Shop at the corner of Liebig Street and Koroit Street. He sold suits and overcoats tailored in the work rooms upstairs. In 1948 his factory known as Pleasant Hill was opened in Flaxman Street in Warrnambool, the site of an old quarry. In 1951 the company Fletcher Jones and Staff was formed with the staff owning 51% of the shares, By the 1970s Fletcher Jones and Staff had become one of the largest clothing companies in Australia with 55 shops and 3000 employees. In 1992 the Warrnambool City Council bought the factory and gardens with the site now a tourist attraction. Although the name is retained today for trading purposes the original Fletcher Jones company has been dissolved. The screen is a representation of the Fletcher Jones factory post 1967. It a wool tapestry by Martin Prider who was a painter and caretaker what the Fletcher Jones factory. He lived in one of the Fletcher Jones cottages on site. (Robin Boyd Age Small Homes Scheme, today Heritage listed.)


This is an interesting memento of the Fletcher Jones company and the factory. It was done by a local resident and features the famous Fletcher Jones gardens

Physical description

Tapestry fire screen in a rectangular light timber frame depicting the Fletcher Jones Factory Gardens. The screen has two timber feet, non relective glass and appears to be a wool tapestry. The image of the gardens is after 1967 as the silver ball is included and that was erected in 1967.

Inscriptions & markings