Historical information

Intersection of Officer and Townsend Streets, Mortlake. Early street lamps and the telegraph line from Hexham to Mortlake Post & Telegraph Office in Shaw Street erected in 1862 are visible. Mount Shadwell Store purchased by A. S. Stewart in the mid 1880's from Clarke & Co. of Geelong. In this photograph one can see the previous two stores - the building in the centre would have been the original Store owned and built by the Rae & Robertson circa 1860 and sold to Grieve & Benn in 1862 - the bulding on the right hand side was the business premises of the Mount Shadwell Store owned by Grieve & Benn later used as a storeroom when the building on the right was erected by them to become the main business premises which John Grieve sold to Clarke & Co. of Geelong in 1882 and they to A. S. Stewart It still operates as a supermarket in 2011.


Even though in 2011 a facade now covers the entire front of these three building, the original buildings are still within the fabric of the store and includes a cellar in front of the oldest building.

Physical description

Black and white photograph