Historical information

The Government Gazette of September 28, 1888 advertises the acceptance of a contract of 276 pounds for the purchase of a "Pillar gasalier for Library, New Law Courts". The area under the dome was obviously found to be poorly illuminated and the purchase of the pillar light was approved. A table for the library had been approved in January and these two pieces of furniture were to complement each other.


The gasalier pillar is of state significance as a unique survivor of gas light illumination. It is an important part of the interior decoration of the library, contributing to its intact 19th century furnishings.

Physical description

The gasalier has a blackwood base, with an elaborate serpentine brass fit out for the lighting with etched glass shades. The gasalier is topped by a small figure of an emu, on the lower finials are kangaroos. While originally designed for gas the gasalier was converted to electricy in the early 20th century.