Historical information

The scrapbook, compiled by Edith E Hitchcock, displays a variety of newspaper clippings with photographs relating to ships, sailors, their hobbies, Padre Oliver.

Page 1 - Map of the British Empire
Page 3 - Newspaper clipping with photographs: "Happy Sailors Lads" onboard the CB Pedersen C.1935
Page 5 - Photograph depicting three children watching of a ship at sea
Page 7 - 1937: article: with photograph"Sea Captain and Artist": Captain A.C.G. Dreillek, Swedish ship Yngaren (similar photo published in 1937 in the Courier Mail Brisbane)
Page 9 - 1935: "Reunited": Dog Patsy with ship Pegasus crew members / "Sydney Harbour Bridge": Phillip Vanderhill, Cook of the Kota Inter and its sitar creation
Page 11: Mr G. Gatty and Tim, the cat from the Esperance Bay / Herbert the hen, pet on the ship King Arthur / Frank Simpson, quartermaster and painter from the ship City of Dieppe.
Page 13: Conway Seymour and shipmate aboard the Orford.
Page 15: 3 photographs of French sailors from the cruiser Rigault de Grenouilly in 1936.
Page 16: Photograph of A.J. Kramer working on a ship model aboard the Dutch ship, Kota Inten.
Page 17: 1936: Photographs of sailors from the French ship Rigault de Grenouilly and the American ship: California State berthed in Prince's Pier. (plus two large loose clippings with portraits of same sailors).
Page 18: 1934: Ball on the Manunda to raise funds for the Mission: photograph of Captain Robert Sunter, Padre Oliver, Moira Oliver, Mrs Harold Clapp.
Page 19: Photograph of French sailors from the Rigault de Grenouilly in a bus en route to the Dandenong Ranges.
Page 21: Photographs of a shipwreck (probably Kakariki in 1938, see next page).
Page 23: Aerial photograph of the shipwreck Kakariki in Hobson's Bay in 1937
Page 25: Photograph of the shipwreck Kakariki in Hobson's Bay in 1937.
Page 26: Photograph of the shipwreck Kakariki in Hobson's Bay in 1937.
Page 27: Photograph of the survivors from the shipwreck Kakariki in the Mission in 1937: A. Bunyard, W. Fisk, J. Greene, L. Tarlington, J. McInnes, G. Coote, G. Sugar.
Page 28: Photograph of the survivors from the shipwreck Kakariki in the Caradale in 1937: W. Fisk, T.W. White.
Page 29: Missioneers talk to Firemen: Padre Oliver and his assistant, L.V. Owen talking to ship's firemen.(the Argus, 24 July 1931)
Page 31: 3 articles with photographs: American cadets from the California State / Governor's Surprise Visit: Lord Huntingfield visiting Padre Oliver in the Mission (the Argus, 19 May 1936) / Sea Scouts on Liner: Padre Oliver on the P&O Cathay (the Argus, 16 June 1936)
Page 33: Harbour Lights: padre Oliver, Lord Somers and Rev. R. Kerdell / Visit of the Duchess to the Mission (the Argus, 26 february 1945).
Page 34: Photograph titled "An old salt still yearns for the sea- 369 miles away".
Page 35: two clippings : Presentation of cheques for Merchant Navy: Betty Raymond giving a cheque to Padre L.L. Elliott / A cheque for the Seamen's Mission: Photograph of Padre Oliver with a cheque.
Page 37: 4 clippings with photographs: Padre Oliver playing the piano for the cadets of the C.B. Pedersen / Miss Gladys Grant with parcels (from the Age 10 November 1943) / All Nations' Dance / Christmas at the Flinders Street mission, Padre Oliver cutting the cake (The Age, 15 December 1942)
Page 39: Unveiling of the Memorial window to Captain Robert Sunter in 1936.
Page 41: 2 clippings: At the Seamen's Mission: photographs of J. W. Neill and Padre Oliver / Married: Albert Robertson and Beryl Landrigan / Postcard of the St Peter Chapel.
Page 43: 2 postcards: The Cloisters / The Mission view from Flinders Street.
Page 45: Postcard of the windvane. / clipping of Sailors from the Zealandic.
Page 46: 2 clippings: Virtually a Man without a country: Frans Nobel on the ship Milleeta / Seaman, Soldier, Waiter, Singer, Cook Finds Peace (Frans Nobel).(1939)
Page 47: That Land Looks Good: two seamen from the tanker British Fame
Page 48: large clipping of the C.B. Pedersen "Like a page from the past".(april-May 1935)
Page 49: Photograph of Padre Oliver in his army uniform.


This scrapbook is significant because it makes reference to contemporaneous events related to the Mission to Seafarers.