Physical description

This Mount Shadwell Bush Inn erected in 1854 was situated adjacent to one of the main routes to the diggings (Great Western Road), and was originally built from tufa stone obtained from a local quarry. It did a great trade after if first became licensed ub 1855, when it provided a valuable service to the travelling public and to the increasing agricultural population of the area. At that time it contained three sitting rooms, several large reception rooms, fourteen bedrooms, a bar and two taprooms and was the first known hostelry in Mortlake. In 1863 a bluestone addition (probably done by local architect Andrew Kerr) increased the size of the hotel to 23 rooms with a detached billiard room and ballroom, kitchen, servant's apartments, laundry, storeroom, 12 stalled stable, out office, and stock yards for travelling cattle. The present hotel with its 1928 rendered facade, has had an almost uninterrupted licence since 1855