Historical information

This Norfolk Island pine tree was planted in 1919 as 'The Peace Tree'.


A community gesture signifying the embrace of 'peace' as a valuable concept symbolised by the planting of a tree.
[from Mortlake Dispatch]
PEACE DAY 1919. Throughout the Empire three days were marked as Public Holidays including Peace Day in July 1919. Mortlake observed Peace Day by Peace Medals being distributed at the State School, Union Jacks being flown from many buildings and houses and the Peace Tree being planted at the intersection of Officer Street, Jamieson Avenue and Shaw Street. Then followed a procession [of local people]. It is assumed the Progress Association, which undertook the Avenue of Honour, also was responsible for planting the Peace Tree.

Physical description

Norfolk Pine tree located on eastern corner of Officer Street, Shaw Street and Jamieson Avenue intersection.