Historical information

This book was presented to Professor Ferdinand Krause of the Ballarat School of Mines by the co-author Felix Ratte who had taught Geology at the Ballarat School of Mines. Felix Ratte became mineralogist to the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Physical description

Hardcovered book with brown cloth cover. 341 pages with illustrations.

Chapters in the book include Geology; Rocks and their Movements; Stratified Deposits; Mineral Veins and Lodes; Dynamics of Lodes; Filling of Lodes; Irregular Deposits; Alluvial Deposits; Physical Properties of Minerals; Compsition and Determination of Minerals; Noble Mineral; Silver and Lead; Quicksilver or Mercury; Haloids and salts; Quartz and Opal; Precious stones; assays and the use of Blowpipes; Special Assays for Gold and Silver

Inscriptions & markings

Frontise page handwritten in ink: 'Prof. Krause from F. Ratte'