Historical information

The image shows us one of the many dances, or functions, held at the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne, It shows the main hall in its original condition and the way it was used at the time. The dance shown here is an example of the work of the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild, which held fundfraisers and social events at the Mission.


This photograph is a reflection of the main hall, in original condition, and its use circa mid-1950s. The photograph is of historical significance as it is a documentation of one of many social events held by the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild at the Mission to Seafarers

Physical description

Black and white photograph of a dance held in the Mission to Seafarers main hall. The foreground shows A man to the left and a woman to the right dancing together. There is another couple dancing behind them. The background shows two of the archways leading out of the main hall. The floors are the original hardwood floorboards.