Historical information

Former Ballarat Teachers' College (BTC) students from 1946 to 1965 remember music lecturer Monica Miller with great fondness. Speech Training was also the domain of Monica Miller at BTC. Her Speech Training class notes include: Voice, Articulation parts, Correct positions for consonants, vowels and dipthongs, Phonetic Stules, Correction of Speech Defects, Speech Training in the schools, Poetry Appreciation, Rhythm, Lessons for county classes, Lessons for Student Teacher Classes and Lessons to Grades. (taken from http://guerin.ballarat.edu.au/curator/honour-roll/honourroll_miller.shtml)

Physical description

Black cardboard cover with burgandy tape on spine. The book contained beautifully handwritten notes on speech training by Monica Miller who lectured at the Ballarat Teachers' College. The lectures were given by Kathleen George at Lee Street State School, Carlton.