Physical description

.1) A handwritten memorandum on 'Ballarat Water Supply Office' Memorandum letterhead. The Memo reads:
Memorandum from the Water Supply Office, Grenville Street, near the Gas Works.
Ballarat 13 April 1898
To the Registrar
Schoolof Mines
I write your attention to the letter from this office dated 2nd December 1897 requesting that a suitable meter be affixed to the Water Supplu pipe at the School.
I am directed to ask if the request has been complied with.
Yours obediently
J. [?]. Cathcart

.2) A handwritten letter from J. Cathcart on 'Water Supply Office' letter head. The letter reads:

Water Supply Office
Ballarat 25th April 1898
The Director
The School of Mines
Referring to my memo of the 13th instant relative to a meter being installed to the water supply pipe at the School of Mines - Will yo be so good as to favor me with a reply without further delay.
I am
Your Obedient Serv't
J. [M?] Cathcart

Inscriptions & markings

.2) Written in a red circle '238'.