Historical information

The bells were sent to the Melbourne Exhibition of 1881. They were awarded first prize. Guaranteed to chime to the sixteenth of a tone. They were purchased by Frederick Perkins Stevens and given to Christ Church Warrnambool as a gift in memory of his son, Frederick Stephen Stevens, who died at his Queensland property in1879.


These German bells are the oldest matched peal in Australia.

Physical description

Three bells weighing 9cwt, 5cwt and 3cwt respectively, decorated with angels, medallions and inscriptions

Inscriptions & markings

The largest bell has "Gloria in excelsis Deo: (Glory to
God in the highest)"Vivos voco" (I summon the living) and "Motuos plango" (I bewail the dead). The second bell has "In terra pax" (Peace on earth); and the third bell has "In hominibus beneplacitum" (Goodwill towards men) Another inscription in German is "Siehe die Steine Rufen, Ehre sei Gott in de Hohe" (Behold the stones cry, Honour to God in the height)