Physical description

Stained glass window, south wall, main nave (adjacent to the pulpit). The window is a pictorial representation of St Andrew who live to old age. There is a tradition that on being sentenced to death, he requested that he be crucified on a saltire (diagonal cross, see base of window) as he felt unworthy to be crucified on the vertical cross of Christ. Another symbol of association with St Andrew is the fishing net.

Inscriptions & markings

The Rev. Andrew Peacock, Archdeacon of the Otways, was the fourth Vicar (1906-1912) of the Parish of Warrnambool. He was highly regarded throughout the community and died following a very short illness. His brother, Sir Alexander Peacock, three times premier of Victoria, officially unveiled a tablet on the north-west corner of the Parish Hall complex on Saturday 25th April and attended the dedication of the memorial window on Sunday 26th April 1913. Rev AE Peacock is buried at Creswick cemetery, Victoria.