Historical information

Eliza Rutledge (1820-1888) was the daughter of Rupert and Jane (nee Newby) Kirk. She married William Rutledge in St James’ Church, Sydney on 18th August, 1840. She and William had five children two sons and five daughters. Recorded accounts tell that Eliza was “beloved for her kindness and hospitality” and that she and William kept open house for all manner of social events and occasions. Eliza died at Farnham Park, Dennington, on 31st August 1888.


The marriage of Eliza to William Rutledge, a man of historical importance in the development of Port Fairy, Warrnambool and the western district of Victoria, places her as a person of importance.Her daughter Susan Fleetwood is also memorialised in a window in Christ Church, Warrnambool.Her son, Thomas Forster is memorialised in a tablet near the two windows for

Physical description

Stained-glass lancet window, south wall, main nave. A depiction of the risen Jesus.

Inscriptions & markings

In fond memory of ELIZA RUTLEDGE who was born on / 12th February AD 1820, who died on 31st August AD 1888, this / window is erected as a token of filial affection by her / loving children Thomas F Rutledge, Martha Hamilton and Edith McKellar.