Historical information

1946 Ballarat Teachers’ College reopened at Dana Street State School (no. 33) offering a one year course. The principal was W.F. Lord, and the staff consisted of Miss E.B. Hughes, Mr C.B. Bryan, Miss Monica H. Millar (music), Miss G. Kentish (physical education)

Physical description

Charcoal blue cover with gold titles. Magazine of the Ballarat Teachers' College. The magazine includes the events of the year and advertisements, Principa Frank Lord's Foreword " A good way to relieve the monotony of any job is to think of ways of improving it"; Sport; The Australian Soldier; Hockey Team, Basketball Team; Football Team

The magazine included many photographs, including a whole College photograph; Student Representative Council and Group Leaders; Sport Committee

Names reading from right to left.
Back Row: J.R. Stuchberry, M.F. Ross, L.H.T. Melgaard, G.J.A. Walker, R.J. Lane, T.P. Newton, J.I. Fielding, I.T. Bicknell, R.W. Bayly, J.W. Allan, J.D.J. Rochford, D.A. Farquhar, M.J. Binder, J.G. Segrave, A.T.G. Jennings. David van Leeuwen, E.J. Campbell, J. Woods, N.J. Walker.

Second row: V.G. Telushkin, Noel G. Tresize, A.V. Ainge, K.R.B. Skeen, R.G. Hucker, W.A> Poole, M.I. McKenzie, M.M. Molan, P.A. Davey, M.D. Oppy, B.F. Collins, Y.M. Mittchell, A.W. Frith, M.T. O'Brien, P.M. Hanrahan, B.J. Dunsmore, C. Judd, Val G. Pyers, B.L. Shirley.

Third row: G.M. Wise, E.M. Rowe, M.M. Napier, A.C. Swanton, B.J. Young, F.M. Stacpoole, P.M. Kelly, S.F. Gardenr, G.M. McCarthy, D. Flanagan, M.J. [Joyce] Murphy, P.M. McIntyre, M.M. green, N.Y. Chappell, J. Kemp, N.B. Forrest, L.J. Scholfield, M.M. Cross, M.J. Burchell, M.A. Leask, A.P. Cunningham, R. Hodgens

Fourth Row: S.T. Downs, E.R. Quick, M.J. Krick, D.F. Nicholson, L.O. Quick, C.E. Douglass, F.E. Miller, G. McKenzie, J.N. Lindsay, J.J. Powling, M.V. Langdon, S.R. Wimdmill, G.M. Walton, J.A. Walker, P. Jaensch, G.M. Hoare, B.M. Sweeney, G.J. Monk, D. Keiller, D.M. Ross, B.S. Alderson, O.M. Ball, B.K. Macdonald.

Fifth Row: E.W. Munn, H.E. Oxley, M.T. Ryan, M.M. Magee, V.O. Dick, F.K. Curtain, E.A. O'Brien, M.D. MacDonald, M.R. Rafferty, E.V. Bowles, W.D. Batten, E.M. Lawlor, A.Y. Callaway, L.B. Flanders, D.M. McLean, M.J. Whitelock, C.A. Tonzing, B. Nolan.

Sixth Row: N.M. Young, W.E. Ramsey, A.P. Maloney, R.E. Botsman, B.M. Barr, Mr McEwin, Miss Aldred, Mr Turner, Miss Hughes, Mr Lord, Monica Miller, Mr Bryan, Miss Hayes, Mr Cumming, Alan Sonsee, V.D. Trainor, M.P. Dwyer, M.D. Chisholm, E. Hodge.

Seated: B.S. Murphy, N.G. Schulz, A.W. Gunn, A.W. Thompson, K.J. Tobin, R.W. Chalmers, D.C. Halladay, C.J. R Fellows, J.L. Sheehan, G.E. Mann, L.A. Erdman, G.F. Brown, H.D. Graham.

Absent: Y. McLeod, T.G. Philpott