Historical information

Principal Frank Lord gave an ANZAC Day address called "Live Every Day as an Anzac Day". The address started with "Our opportunity is with the children. If we failed i nthe past, lest us begin again now. You are young, and let it be your resolve to live every day as an Anzac Day, and achieve some of the things for which the men of two wars have laid down their lives. Living your days with an air of kindness and decency, you will set an example to the children, and when a country's children are made happier and finer, it will follow that the county will be a happier and finer place."
Mt Lord referred to theseven and a half months' occupation of Gallipoli, and the tenacious clinging by Anzac troops to their square mile of territory. Illness, disease and death came to the confined area, but there also came a spirit of self-sacrifice and charity, and a courage whoich scorrned death and won for the Australian troops world renown. Strong men broke under the conditions, but their comrades carried them on, and the prevailing spirit among men was that the had dedicated ther lives to ensuring a decent society at home, free of tyranny. For the achievement of this, they were prepared to die. It became characteristic that when things were at their worst, men were at their best. Discipline did not come from above on Gallipoli, for the men stuck their own standards of discipline, and stuck to them. ... After the 1914-18 war, it was surprising to find head teachers who did not know children of deceased and disabled soldiers in their schools. All teachers should acquaint themselves with this knowledge, and seek assistance from children who are eligible for help from the Repatriation Department. For those pupils who do not come withing the scope of Repatriation, teachers might secure the required help from the Teachers; R.S.L. sub-branch, the Carry-on Club, for from Government Scholarships.

Physical description

Blue soft covered magazine. Contents include:
*Principal Frank Lord's Foreward
* Rupert Brooke
* Hostel Jottings
* Looking Back
* College photograph

Images include:
* Queenscliff Camp
* Sport
* Clubs

Inscriptions & markings

Cover 'File Copy'
inside front cover (possibly by Monica Miller) 'With Compliments Ballarat Teachers' College. Xmas 1946'